As per the CYDBA constitution you are hereby given 21 days’ notice that the annual EGM will take place on Thursday, 1st of December 2016 at 19:00hrs at the Yermasoyia kafenion.

We will take this opportunity to review 2016 and to look forward to what we are sure will be an exciting 2017.
If you wish to submit any items to be included in the agenda, these should be sent to the

CYDBA Secretary Elena Ellina, on e.ellina@scf-group.com by Monday 21st November 2016.

Final agenda to follow in due course.
We would love to see you all there!

Best regards,
CYDBA Council


Come and join Cyprus Dragon Boat Association in the biggest sporting event in Cyprus.

On 10th April CYDBA will be entering a team in the 5km Corporate Race which takes place alongside the Limassol Marathon. This will be a great opportunity to participate in a fun sporting event whilst promoting the sport we all love. Paddlers are requested to notify their team captains if they wish to take part. Further details will be announced when we have abetter idea of the numbers.


Dragon Boating has its roots in Chinese tradition and culture.  The event is said to have originated millennia ago, when from all over China the first race was organized to commemorate the death of a righteous poet. 

Dragon boating is a relatively new to the western world sport, but it has a bright future.  It is now the fastest growing water sport, and it has very good chances of becoming an Olympic Sport soon.  It is a recreational activity that anyone can take up; one can compete at different levels according to their goals or physical fitness.

Anyone can do it, either simply for fun, or with more serious goals in mind.  Young people, older people, men women, stronger, weaker people, dragon boating is for everyone!  That’s what makes the sport so special.

So come on and take the challenge and enjoy this new experience


Racing Results

Dragon boat trainings: Every Saturday and Sunday at Germasogeia Dam
Training sessions are open to EVERYONE!

For details see page >>>

e-mail us at cyprusdba@gmail.com


29 May 2016


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